Have you considered hiring a wedding planner for your Montreal wedding? Don’t think it’s worth it? Or it will cost too much? Think again! There are many options to what a wedding planner can do for you and your budget. Wedding planners don’t have to plan your entire wedding for you, they can help you with a few consultations, or just “Day of” services too! We spoke with our good friend Natalka Lee, a certified Montreal wedding planner at Natalka Celebrations Event Management & Design, to get some feedback on this!

Here is what Natalka had to say:
Planning a wedding is a bit easier because of the web, Pinterest and the like are visited by brides the moment they’ve announced their engagement.  Ideas are researched, and the bride can see her vision forming.  Still, a lot of brides rely on referrals.
A wedding planner has done a lot of research, my job is to help the bride make wise choices, to save precious time, and, offer the bride options that give her the most for her money.

Natalka’s specialties include cultural celebrations, and her most requested service is the Day of Wedding Coordination.  This service begins six (6) weeks before the wedding.  She says,

That’s just about the busiest time during the planning process. The list of “Follow-Up” to do’s seems endless! I will do all the follow-ups and will also help with such things as, the seating chart and any last-minute details which you may not have thought of. I will make a very detailed wedding day schedule, managing and coordinating your special day so that you and your guests can enjoy your celebration.

The “Day of” service is something a lot of people don’t know about, even if you didn’t hire a wedding planner when you started your wedding plans, consider hiring one just for the day, it really can take away a lot of the stress and running around in those last few weeks! You can think of your wedding planner as your personal assistant!

We would like to thank Natalka Lee for her insight and comments on the topic! You can find her online at http://www.natalkacelebrations.com/ or call her at 514-652-4073.