Extraordinary wedding entertainment is more than just music and lights. It’s about you.

We are not your average wedding DJ, and as you might expect, we do not charge an average fee. If you want a guaranteed one-of-a-kind, fun and personalized wedding reception, the kind you have read about in our reviews… Collaborate with Stefan today!


Wedding performance pricing begins at $4700.

We are the only Montreal DJ that offers a full 100% money-back guarantee!


In order to maintain our unique level of service, Stefan only takes on a limited number of wedding couples each year. Ask about your date availability, contact Stefan now!



These are the most popular enhancements couples choose for their wedding:

  • Complete Ceremony Sound Systems (with super high quality microphones and sound) – $500
  • Separate Cocktail Sound Systems – $250
  • Monograms and Photo Montage on 40” LED Screens – $300 per TV
  • Video Screen and Projector – $300
  • Room Uplighting / Architectural Lighting – Starting from $300
  • Dancing on a Cloud for First Dance (Dry Ice) – $300

If there is something we didn’t list, don’t worry – just ask! We might be able to provide it for you, or refer you to who’s best!

We do not offer Photobooth services, instead we refer to some of the best around: Frenzy Booth and O’Mira Photobooth

What We Do

We want to make sure you and everyone at your wedding is having the best experience they have ever been a part of. There are many factors to make this happen.

Master of Ceremonies and DJ

Stefan Jez can get your crowd moving with animation, games and dancing throughout the evening. These are not “cheesy” gimmicks. Everything Stefan does as the MC has a purpose, and is presented genuinely. There are no surprises, everything we do will have been discussed and approved by you during our planning meetings. As your MC, Stefan will not be the center of attention by speaking on the microphone all night long. You are the reason everyone is there!

As the DJ, Stefan will play a variety of genres and styles to keep everyone happy and having fun. We always take requests and constantly “read” the room to get a feel of what everyone wants to hear.

Coordination / Planning

Stefan will coordinate the wedding reception activities throughout the night. You will not have to worry about a thing! Throughout the evening, Stefan will make sure that anyone giving a toast, or having a special dance, is given enough time to prepare before being introduced. Stefan will also coordinate with your photographer and videographer so they know what is coming up next and can be completely ready for it.

Sound and Music

We want you and your guests to be able to speak to each other over dinner, without yelling. When needed, Uptown Xpress will bring extra sound equipment to “even out” the sound in your room. By doing this we do not need to keep the volume annoyingly loud. This also guarantees everyone, even in the back row, will hear those important speeches.

Our musical library spans the decades with hits dating back to the 40s and to the latest hits of today. We also have an international music collection to add that touch of tradition to your night.


Uptown Xpress offers a wide range of lighting effects, from basic dance floor wash lighting to elaborate computer controlled custom light shows to entire room uplighting. Lighting can transform a space into almost anything you can imagine! Haze machines are used when permitted to enhance the “look” of the light show. Haze will not be used to make the dance floor a cloudy or smoky place. Ask Stefan what the difference between smoke and haze is!


We always travel with backup equipment, should something happen, we are prepared.


I know finding a Wedding DJ in Montreal is tough!

You have many choices and decisions to make. Here is a list of questions, with our answers, you can ask your potential wedding DJ to help you make the right choice. Click or tap on any of the questions below to see the answer.

What is a Love Story?
The “Love Story” is a way to let everyone know a little more about your relationship with your spouse! How did you meet? How long did you date? How did he propose (or maybe she proposed)? Any funny stories? Any silly secrets?

This makes for a very personal, romantic, emotional, genuine and unique part of the reception. I usually present the Love Story right before your first dance; it’s the perfect way to transition into it!

Another time to tell your Love Story can be at the beginning of the night before or in lieu of the grand entrance, that is something unique and no one will be expecting it!

What is an Audio Edit?
Imagine if, during your first dance you could insert a personal message to your husband or wife, with your own voice… Or during one of your parents’ dances, you could say something to your father or mother, in the song?

An “Audio Edit” is a process that I can do with you to enhance your first dance song, or parents’ dance song. Using a special voice recorder, I will work with you in the comfort of your own home to record these messages that you want your husband, wife, mother or father to hear during that dance.

Imagine how amazed and surprised your guests will be when they hear your voice in the song! Not to mention, imagine how your partner or parents will feel when they hear it, too! Get the Kleenex!

How many hours do you provide music for?
We don’t like to price per hour. During your consultation, your package price will reflect the entire event from the start of the ceremony or cocktails all the way till the party ends! We do not charge overtime! It’s just simpler that way.
Do you take requests?
Yes! One of our little secrets is that we’ll quietly ask people for requests during dinner. Because not every request is a dance song, people love to request slow songs too!
Are you bilingual? Do you speak French?
Yes, Stefan and his team are all fully bilingual, fluent in English and French. We can easily host your event in French as well as in English.
Do you have references?
Of course! You can see our reviews online at We also have video and written testimonials on our website and on our Youtube and Vimeo channels as well as our Video page here on the site.
How far in advance should we book you?

We always suggest people book their wedding entertainment at least 8-12 months ahead of time. But of course if there is an opening, sometimes we’ll get booked one or two months before!

We’re from out of town but getting married in Montreal, how can we meet you?

We have entertained for many out of town couples over the years. We can easily set up an online video call using Zoom!

Will you be the one at our event?
Yes! Stefan Jez will be the MC and main DJ at your wedding. Stefan has assistant DJ’s who help him throughout the evening. We believe you need to meet your DJ in person, get to know them, like their style, their energy, before you make your choice!
Can we come see you in action at a wedding?
Unfortunately not. Think of it this way, imagine if it was your wedding and you found out we had potential clients coming to visit. How rude! We want our attention to be on your wedding that day and nothing else. If you want to see a little bit of our setup, some animation and some dancing, you can check out our videos on our Youtube and Vimeo  channels though! We have plenty! This gives you a good idea of our energy and style without being there.
Do you have insurance?
Yes! Although this isn’t asked very often, it should be! Why is this important? Your DJ should have liability insurance. It is just another way to know you are dealing with a professional entertainer. It also offers piece of mind for the client, if anything should happen at an event related to your DJ, you are covered.
How much do you charge?

There are so many factors that go into the price of an event, that is why we want to meet with you to discuss your special day. But to give you an idea, for a wedding in the Montreal area, our price ranges from $4700 to $6000+ (plus taxes) with most of our couples spending $5200 (plus taxes).

Why do you charge so much?
You should be asking why some DJ’s charge so little? We are not just a DJ. We do so much more than you would expect, from wedding planning, wedding coordinating, MC and DJ. Let’s have a discussion about that and find out how you can have the best wedding ever… before the dance floor even opens!
What are Personalized Introductions?
Throughout your reception there will be many speakers giving toasts and speeches. Simply announcing them is not unique nor is it personal. Most of the time guests will ignore the MC because they have heard this routine announcement so many times before.

I can make your reception truly unique by personalizing each introduction I do for every speaker. Tell a very short story about them, how long have they known you? When did you meet? Have you travelled the world together? Maybe they are the one that introduced you to your new spouse?

By adding some of these small details to each introduction I make, your guests feel more connected and interested in what is happening. It feels more personal!

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Yes! 100%. We are so confident that we will exceed your expectations at your wedding reception that we back it up with a money-back guarantee.
Do you have backup equipment?
Yes! We have backup gear on site for every event that we do.

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