Other DJ’s who know me, know I am always willing to help another DJ out. I like to network with other DJs, we share ideas and learn from each other. A few years ago I started making videos on YouTube and interacting in the DJ community there. That was my first step in DJ networking, and it has been great! Through that I have met some amazing new friends from around the world and learnt many new things to help my DJ business. Because I made those videos a few local Montreal DJ’s found me and we started networking and became friends along the way.

Montreal DJ’s, let’s Network! – Canadian Disc Jockey Association in Montreal

The CDJA is the Canadian DJ Association. There are two main DJ associations in Canada, the CDJA, and the CPDJA. Both have many benefits, and grant you access to liability insurance, gear insurance, AVLA licensing and of course networking and education.

I’ve been thinking about joining one of these for a while, one of the main reasons why I have chosen the CDJA is because their insurance actually covers us in Quebec. The CPDJA does not cover Quebec for liability and other insurance, so that pretty much makes the choice for you.

Montreal Chapter

Currently there are not enough CDJA members in Montreal to create a local chapter. When I joined, I think I was only the 8th member in Montreal! Having a local chapter really brings the value of the membership up for all of us, and it brings us together to discuss relevant DJ topics in Montreal!

With a few more members we can make it happen. I know some of you might be thinking it would not be worth it to join, but think about it this way, we all want to raise our games, bring ourselves to the next level, be more professional. This is just another step in that direction, plus it is important to have liability insurance and AVLA licensing for what we do. Being part of a professional group like this shows your clients you take this very seriously and care about what you do. And professional association and insurance dues are tax deductible!

Committing to join a professional association like this locally in Montreal will provide an avenue for more mobile DJ’s to meet each other, network, share, communicate and help one another.

There seems to be an old-school line of thinking amongst DJ’s that we can’t help each other out because the next guy will just steal your ideas or take away your clients and gigs. That is simply not true, there are so many events that happen every week that there is more than enough to go round. On top of that, each Mobile DJ and company is different, styles vary, complexity of events vary, and we each have a set of clients who match us best. No one can ever copy what you do, because they are not YOU!

CDJA Meeting in Montreal

Doug Scott, the national president is coming down to Montreal on Monday April 30th, 2012 at 6:30pm, at SES (the dj store) for a meeting, we are trying to establish a Montreal chapter for the CDJA. Doug will surely explain the benefits to joining the CDJA, you can ask questions, and of course network!

Please consider joining the CDJA, it would be great to start networking with more mobile DJ’s locally, and we all know there are a ton of DJ companies in Montreal!

There is a Facebook event page for the meeting as well: