In our meetings with wedding clients there are typically a few questions we get asked over and over. I wanted to put some of these questions and answers in writing to help you brides and grooms get to know Uptown Xpress a little better!

You can even use these questions as a base for some questions to ask when searching for your DJ or other wedding vendors!

Wedding DJ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many hours do you provide music for?

Remember we provide More Than Just Music! We don’t like to price per hour, during your consultation your package price will reflect the entire event from the start of the ceremony or cocktails all the way till the party ends! It’s just simpler that way.


Q: How and when can we pay you?

A 30% deposit is due upon signing the contract, the balance can be paid at any time up to the night of your reception. You can pay with cheque, cash, online Interac payment or even credit card.


Q: Do you take requests?

Yes! And Shhhh… One of our little secrets is that we even quietly ask people for requests during dinner. Because not every request is a dance song, people love to request slow songs too!


Q: Do you have references?

Yes! You can see some of our reviews online at Wedding Wire, we also have video and written testimonials on our website, and don’t forget our YouTube and Vimeo channels have even more video testimonials.


Q: How far in advance should we book you?

We always suggest people book their wedding entertainment 12-16 months ahead of time (see our blog post on that exact topic here!). But of course if there is an opening, sometimes we’ll get booked 1 month before!


Q: Can we come see you in action at a wedding?

The simple answer is no. Strange isn’t it? Not really. Think of it this way, if at your wedding you find out we had potential clients show up. It would take our focus away from you that night. This is why we put so many videos from our events online (see our YouTube and Vimeo channels). In these videos or “Gig Logs”, we show you a little bit of our setup, a little bit of the animation and the dancing. This gives you a good idea of our energy and style without being there.


Q: How long do you need to set up?

This all depends on what services we are providing for you. Typically we arrive 2-4 hours ahead of time to set up for your wedding.


Q: How long does it take to tear down?

This too depends on how large your wedding was and what we are providing. But typically we are all packed up within an hour to and hour and a half.


Q: What do you wear?

We always dress formally, a suit and tie. Come party time though, we may remove the tie!
Have any other questions? Leave them in the comments below! And of course feel free to call me or email me anytime!

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