Myriam and Adam where such a relaxed couple, but once it came time to party, watch out! The synagogue had to kick us all out in the wee hours of the morning, they wanted to party more! The Or Hahayim Synagogue in Cote St-Luc is very beautiful. Cocktails where held downstairs with a huge buffet! The ceremony followed in the synagogue and then of course the dinner. For those of you who may not have attended many Jewish weddings, there is sometimes a curtain placed on the dance floor before the open dancing begins. This is in place to keep the men and women separated during the early dancing, such as the hora. Later in the night, the divider is removed. Myriam and Adam wanted their guests to have a lot of fun during the meal, and we did just that! Assisting me that night was our very own Franco Caruso. Franco performed some of the MCing with me. In the video log below you’ll see him in action with our classic center piece game. Mazel Tov to Myriam and Adam! And a big Thank You too! Here’s the video log from the wedding!