As a Bride or a Groom, do you ever worry about what the people you’ve asked to say a toast or speech will say at your wedding? Will they go on and on? Will they use inappropriate humor? There are so many things they could say that could make you nervous!

It is your wedding day, and part of my job as your DJ is to remove that stress about the reception and things that may happen. I am proud to announce that new for 2012, all couples that book their wedding with Uptown Xpress Productions will receive a free copy of the bestselling book “Wedding Toasts Made Easy” by Tom Haibeck ( I will not only give you a copy, I’ll give you copies to give to your entire bridal party and whomever else will be speaking too!


Wedding Toasts Made Easy for Free!

The book is fun to read, and it’s not very long (the men will appreciate that!), I read it in just a couple of hours. It will help your speakers gather ideas, fine tune what they would like to say and learn how to properly use humor when toasting you. It is also full of helpful information on public speaking, famous quotes and more!

With this book in the hands of your speakers, I hope it is just one more way that Uptown Xpress is helping you bring your wedding up to the next level!