A while back I joined Isabella from Ella Photography to talk about the lighting that photographers dread the MOST… DOT LIGHTING.

We talk about this type of lighting and what to watch for when hiring a wedding DJ.

The point of this video is to educate and raise awareness of these types of lights and how they can ruin wedding photographs. Of course you always want to be working as a team with other vendors, but at a wedding, the lazer star cluster lights especially should be turned off until the party dancing starts. DJ’s should not need to be told this, those dots are very difficult to edit out for a photographer. Just because the bride and groom paid for a light show with X lights, does not mean they need to be one at all times.

This was the first of a series of candid videos we did, I hope you enjoyed it and will watch the others too!

What do you think about these “dot” lights? Post your comments below!

Ella Photography can be found online here: http://www.ellaphotography.ca/