The topic of what a DJ should wear at a formal event such as a wedding has been widely discussed, critiqued, and debated amongst fellow DJ’s many times. Tuxedos, suits, shirt and tie, dress shirt only, or even none of the above.

I would like to bring this topic to mind for newly engaged couples searching for their DJ’s. My view is that it is important for the DJ at your wedding to dress professionally, and fit in with the level of formality expected.


I didn’t think an article like this would actually be necessary, seems obvious to me, until recently. A friend of mine attended a wedding where the DJ was not dressed professionally, in my opinion. So, as strange as it seems when shopping for a DJ, you should ask “What will you be wearing?”

Ask Your DJ: “What do you wear at a wedding?”

I have been asked this question before, and it is nothing personal, it is a good question to ask as part of the couple’s interview process when trying to find a DJ. I choose to wear a suit at a wedding. I feel that as a formal event, and the DJ being a crucial part of it, I need to show respect to the newly-weds, and most important look professional.

Of course, what to wear is a personal choice. Some DJ’s may wear a dress shirt and tie, not a full suit. There is nothing wrong with that, the point is that the bride and groom should know what to expect beforehand.

Not Appropriate Attire

What would not be appropriate for a wedding DJ to wear? My opinion would be: no jeans, no t-shirts, no running shoes, as the minimum. This goes for the DJ’s assistants during the wedding as well.

Inform Yourself

Of course there are exceptions, what if it was a beach wedding, or a simple casual backyard wedding. The point being don’t be shy to discuss it with your DJ, if you are having a formal wedding reception, be comfortable knowing what your DJ will be wearing. If it’s less formal, let them know as well.

So when you are looking for your wedding DJ, and asking your questions, add “What do you and your team wear during the wedding reception?” And make sure you are comfortable with their answer.

What do you think? Should wedding DJ’s wear suits, or tuxedo’s all the time? Or does anything go? Leave a comment below!