We are coming up on wedding planning season again here in Montreal. The bridal shows are starting, and with that usually comes a spike in wedding planning and newly engaged couples.

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about who I think you should be hiring first in your wedding planning quest (see “When to book a DJ or Band for your Wedding“).

I realized there is another important tip I can offer to new bride’s and groom’s for their wedding planning while they are looking for vendors: focus.


What do I mean by focus? What I find really works well is to search, meet and hire one type of vendor at a time. So from my previous blog post, once you’ve booked your venue, you are now ready to hire your entertainment, photographer, videographer, florist etc. Start by choosing one of those, let’s say entertainment. Now focus only on entertainment. Start your search for DJ’s, or bands, visit their websites, do your homework, meet a few of them, then decide. This process can take a week or a couple of weeks, but by focusing your search on entertainment, you can better compare the different DJ’s or bands and make a decision without confusing other vendors in the mix.

Then once you’ve hired your DJ or band, repeat the process for a photographer or videographer. Research, meet and interview, decide. By focusing your planning in stages like this, it will be easier to remember who you met and what you liked and didn’t like about them.

One at a Time

I would suggest against meeting a DJ, photographer, florist, and band in the same week and then the next week doing it all over again. How can you compare vendors this way? It will take longer for you to choose because you are prolonging the search, and by waiting longer you risk your first choice getting booked by someone else. So focus your search, start by the most important category to you, seek out those vendors, and choose.

You will find by focusing your wedding planning this way you will feel a lot less stressed and you will be able to check off those points on your wedding to-do list faster!

Happy wedding planning!

PS: If you are planning on attending the Grands Salon Marions Nous on January 5th and 6th, 2013, stop by the Uptown Xpress booth (# 429) and say hi!